Q.1 What is Funds4SMEs?

Ans. Funds4SMEs is a -
(i) Platform for Companies(esp.SMES) to get fund/loan at best rate in minimum processing time.
(ii) Platform for Lenders (Banks,NBFCs,Financial Institutions etc.) to connect with companies for their fund requirements.

Q.2 Why you should choose Funds4SMEs?

Ans. Because of the best interest rates and minimum processing time ! Yes, we understand you have heard it many times before!!

Believe us when we say that we are not just another company who claims to offer quality over quantity.

Here's why - Our process of selecting SMEs and Partners is very strict. Our selection process for onboarding SMEs is very rigorous, and we only let Government recognised credible SMEs to onboard our platform from India and around the world. Ultimately, we perform various checks like CIN, GST certificate, Annual Reports etc.depending on profile and requirement for SMEs.

On the other hand, we only onboard selected Partners (Bank,NBFC,Financial Institution,HNI, etc.) who we think are in align with our mission statement i.e, ‘Best rates in minimum processing time’, It means not every Financial Institution out there can become our trusted partner. We reserve our platform for selected few.

In a nutshell, it's a win-win for both. So, if you think you are the right fit either as an SME or Partner( Banks,NBFC,Financial Institution etc.) for Funds4SMEs, Go ahead and apply now. We welcome you!

Q.3 I am a Company, what do I need to know before registering on Funds4SMEs?

Ans. - You need to know that we are with you in your success endeavour! Yes, our aim is to help you make informed decisions when it comes to choosing best rate with minimum processing time for your fund/loan requirement. (We have seen how Companies like yours make wrong decisions and pay higher interest rates in lieu of incorrect information, here at Funds4SMEs we provide you all the transparent details about our partners so that you can choose what is best for you!)

Imagine what can you do with those huge savings on interest rate! Use it for business expansion, new hires,vertical growth etc.

So what are you waiting for, get you funds/loans quick. Register now!

If you are a company esp. an SME, our process of onboarding is simple, you just need to fill the basic details like GST certificate,Company Pan card, address proof etc. We evaluate your profile and let you know within 48 hrs of applying if you are welcome to onboard. Once onboarded, simply fill the basic details for fund/loan requirements and Voila! We connect you to our best partner(Bank,NBFC, Financial Institution etc.). .

Q.4 We are Bank,NBFC,HNI, Financial Institution etc. What do we need to know before applying as a Partner to Funds4SMEs?

Ans. - You need to know that we are going to reduce your sales efforts drastically!

Yes, we will be providing you quality hot leads along with key decision maker details for their fund/loan requirements.

This platform offers you an opportunity to connect with thousands of genuine SMEs out there looking to get fund/loan for their business needs.

So if you want to become our partner. Simply register on our platform and we will get back to you within 24 hrs. You can also drop us mail.

Q.5 How platform works for Company?

Ans. – Just fill basic details on registration page (Company Registration no.Pan card,LinkedIn profile, etc.) and submit the form. We will let you know ASAP whether you are accepted or not. If you are accepted,then that's it. Congratulations! You are now part of an esteemed Platform i.e., Funds4SMEs. Whenever you need fund/loan, simply furnish some more details like (Ratings,Financials etc.) and Apply.

Our dedicated Account Manager search and connects you to our best partner who fulfill your requirement and help you find the best rates in minimum processing time.

Please sign up on registration page (please note that there is no sign-up fee).

Q.6 What are some basic quality checks Funds4SMEs perform?

Ans. – For Companies (esp.SMEs) : Company Pan card,GSt certificate,LinkedIn profile apart from basic details is mandatory. We ask for Financials,Ratings, etc. when you post fund/loan requirements to get the best deal for you.

Q.7 - How Funds4SMEs as a platform works overall?

Ans. – We connect Companies(esp. SMEs) to Partners(Banks,NBFCs,Financial Institutions , HNI etc.) and vice versa. Upon getting fund/loan requirements from company, our dedicated account manager forward the request to our various selected partners. And, than connect you to our Partner’s representative. From there on, you can directly communicate with Partner representative. As a courtesy, Account Manager will also help you from time to time during process in case of delay or to remove process hurdles.

Please note that we only connect Companies to our Partners and that's it! once connected rest formalities like fund/loan processing, background check, rates,mutual negotiation etc. is all between Company and Partner. Funds4SMEs is not responsible for any conflict/ disagreement/legal dispute/loss of confidential information/payment etc.

Though as you can see because of our rigorous selection process on both sides (Companies and Partners), chances of conflict are very less as only elite partners and eminent companies can on board the platform.

Apart from that, once you are on boarded it doesn’t give you right to continuously use the platform, Funds4SMEs may remove or put Partner/company’s profile on hold due to various reasons.